We Represented LUST and Short Films was supplemented by real life installation. LUST is MUST and we all feel or go through such intense feelings but due to a taboo it never gets out into anyform or medium, it stays behind the curtain in our culture. We have shown how a Pakistani women, who is in deep agony while batting, felling, talking, fantasizing her physical attraction and going nuts ………..she is lost in lost or confused if she should continue admiring the need or she should refrain from it. Physical Pleasure in not just basic but also our foremost instinc. Poetic narration was conceived from women’s point of view based on experiences, information and knowledge that we had, Concept and production by Naheed Masooqullah and Samir Sadaruddin, Capyured & edited by Kohi Mari, narration by Maheen Ashraf, Haunting performance by Sarwat Gilani, Music and audio recording by Gumby and poetry by Naveed Farooqi. Special thanks to Adeela Farooqi for her encourage feedback and input.