Deepblue Doors Inc.

Deepblue Doors Inc. is a full-service production company incorporated in the beautiful country, Canada. We are in the creative business of producing films, web series, docuseries, video logs and provide our services under one roof in the areas of media, productions, films and beyond. Our work reflects our mantra which is neurodivergence and to understand that you need to dive deep into our content and concept. Our services are not limited to any region, country or space, in this global verse which is now one universal concept therefore, here we are with one love, pouring through Deepblue Doors Inc. Our aim is to provide Quality and Creative content based on souls all around the world and their wonderful stories. Deepblue Doors Inc. aims to offer premium grade production experience to international media platforms with the help of amazing Team that we have creatively selected and diligently deployed.
Our Vision
Pakistan and India are lands of culture, ethnicity, traditions and creations of love with warmth that deserves to be captured and presented at a global scale. In an attempt to contribute towards creativity during the times of Gen Z, and beyond: Deepblue Doors Inc., aims to extract and exhibit unseen talent, places, and people from around the world. With top-notch content production in the land of hope, making a difference and unlocking barriers, Deepblue Doors looks forward to devoting its expertise of capturing the grandiosity offered, but not yet unexplored. Our work reflects our mantra which is “Neurodivergence”.
Our Mission
With an experience of more than two decades of films, dramas and documentaries, Deepblue Doors Inc., intends to continuously broaden its horizon by creating a world class content inclusive but not limited to cinematic and digital experience with unparalleled expertise of “Neurodivergence”
Naveed Farooqi
Founder & CEO

Mr. Naveed Farooqi is a visionary man, writer at heart and thinker in spirit. He is the founder and owner of “Deepblue Doors Inc.” Born in Pakistan, educated in America, he did his Chemical Engineering and has been managing his engineering firm and other businesses in Canada and Pakistan. These days he lives in Canada and Pakistan, he keeps shuttling back and forth.
Mr. Farooqi, is an author of four unpublished books which he wants to reveal after his passing away. Books are The Sixth Element, Closure, Kashish-e-Aqal and Phynal Phatnasy. He also has a passionate involvement in films and is a keen film watcher since childhood. He considers his favorite filmmakers to be: Satayajit Ray, Shyam Benegal, Muzzafar Ali, K. Asif (India), Abbas Kiarostami (Iran), Kar-Wai Wong (Japan) Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen and Quintin Tarantino (USA).
Mr. Farooqi, has made 5 short films out of which two of them got Awards at various festivals, and he is proud to mention these two short Films, Lust and Umeed Ka Safar, both were made in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

His latest short film (Naam Badal Dena) which he passionately produced and ensured that his vision of Neurodivergence can be achieved and luckily so far this film has done miraculously well, winning several Laurels and Awards and Final Nominee at Cannes World Film Festival.
To summarize the pleasant personality and genius capabilities of Mr. Naveed Farooqi, it won’t take a page, not even a sentence, just one word and that is “Neurodivergent”, that he is and has proven to be the coolest creator of his own kind.
A quote from Mr. Farooqi:
“Give me an Alphabet, I will give you a word, give me a word, I will give you a sentence, give me a sentence, I will give you a page, give me a page, I will give you a book & give me a book, I WILL GIVE YOU A LIFE”.
Mr. Farooqi has always been a dreamer and according to him dreams are not something that you see while asleep, but dreams are those which don’t let you sleep.
He has been an achiever to the core, his excellence in management projects/films is phenomenal. He is a lover of humanity and he feels that every space, human element, color, object and even every split second has a story of its own. He captures those stories in his heart through his mind and believes in creating canvases out of those stories through his productions in the form of Films, Documentaries, Travelogues, web series biographies and more.

Arshila Hussain
Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Arshila Hussain, is associated with the entertainment media for the last 16 years. She is a Director for TV & FILMS. Ms. Hussain was born in Karachi. Graduated from the University of Karachi completing her Bachelors in Commerce. Since her childhood, she knew she had a knack for all things artsy and grew up to be an avid Filmmaker.
Having a passion for art & films, Ms. Hussain worked on her direction skills outside of her regular 9 to 5 job at a bank and had started to assist the director full-time for a television series by the mid-2000s. She refined her art of filmmaking by taking several workshops conducted by the New York film academy.
By 2006, Ms. Hussain had moved into production & filmmaking where she established herself over the years from Production Controller to Director. Being a female struggler in an extremely male dominant field, she faced numerous hurdles but didn’t give up on her dream. She totally believes the pursuit of her passion would make her successful, and not merely acquiring a university degree.
She has never been enrolled in any filmmaking school such as NCA or NAPA, yet she is making progress as a talented, young and ambitious director.
Ms. Hussain aims to become one of the liveliest and most unpredictable female directors by being adept at shifting genres and bringing a personal quality to whatever she tackles. She believes if you want to become a filmmaker, you’re just going to have to roll up your sleeves and work really, really hard.
Producing and Directing a Feature Film is her dream and she is on her path to achieve it.
To know more about her professional career please visit.